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Some cars go further than provide mere automotive transport; they represent a moment in history, perhaps even define a nation.

There are few cars more iconic than the Ford Mustang. And of all the Mustangs that have been produced over the last 50 years, the 1967 Fastback represents a high-point in the model's heritage, perhaps even automotive design.

And so began a project to locate a derelict wreck, and restore it.

This is what we started with:

Did you know..?

The first Mustang off the production line was (mistakenly) sold to an airline pilot.

When Ford realised their mistake, they tried (and failed) to buy it back.

Eventually, they convinced the owner to allow them to swap it for the one millionth Mustang 18 months later.

The car

We'll be upgrading many of our Mustang's components with modern-day equivalents.

Did you know..?

Gail Wise inadvertently became the first Mustang owner when she bought her car on April 15 1964 -
- two days before it was launched. She still owns it today.

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